Caddy® Tig 2200i AC/DC Inverters – ESAB Brand

ماكينة محمولة للحام AC / DC TIG ، مع بدء HF أو LiftArc ™ ، و MMA.
• تصميم متين ومقاوم للصدمات مع موصلات كابل OKC 50.
• إعداد سماكة اللوحة لـ TIG (TA33 AC / DC). اضبط سمك اللوحة و سوف تتحكم الآلة في معلمات اللحام.
• منحدر قابل للتعديل والتدفق اللاحق للغاز (TA33 AC / DC).
DC النبضي TIG (TA34 AC / DC) مما يعطي تحكمًا متزايدًا في مدخلات الحرارة وحوض اللحام.
• ذاكرتان (TA34 AC / DC) لتخزين الإعدادات.
Micro Pulse (TA34 AC / DC) لتقليل المنطقة المتأثرة بالحرارة خاصةً في المناطق الرقيقة مواد.
• منحدر قابل للتعديل لأعلى / لأسفل والتدفق اللاحق للغاز (TA34 AC / DC).
• إمكانية التحكم عن بعد , عرض رقمي للإعدادات.
• منظم ArcPlus II لتحسين خصائص اللحام MMA. جودة لحام أعلى مع أقل بعد العلاج.
• جميع أنواع المواد بما في ذلك الألمنيوم ، وبسمك يصل إلى 5 مم
• يمكن أن تعمل بكابلات طاقة طويلة للغاية ، يزيد طولها عن 100 متر ، بفضل PFC المدمج دائرة كهربائية.
IP 23 – مصمم للاستخدام في الهواء الطلق مما يجعله آمنًا في جميع مواقع العمل.

حدد أحد خيارات المنتج والكمية المطلوبة ثم ضف إلى قائمة مشترياتك , سوف يتم الرد عليكم بعرض سعر فى أقرب وقت.
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The Caddy® is already a classic power source in the mobile welding equipment field. With the introduction of the Caddy® Tig 2200i AC/DC series and a full range of accessories, you will find the optimal solution for a wide range of TIG welding applications.

Offering true portability

Not only is Caddy® Tig 2200i AC/DC small and of low weight. Thanks to its intelligent, compact design it is easy to take along to different indoor and outdoor worksites and also to tuck away when not used, making it handy both in the workshop and on the move.

Single phase mains connection makes it easy to find an electricity supply for the unit, and it works equally well when powered by a portable generator. *

Thanks to the built-in PFC circuit the machine can operate with extra long mains cables, over 100 m, giving the welder a very large working radius.

Impact resistant design

Composite materials in combination with smart design solutions provide a durable and impact resistant machine, adapted to rough conditions. The control panel is recessed, which provides additional protection and durability. Caddy® Tig 2200i AC/DC has sturdy and impact resistant cable connectors with OKC 50.

Improving the weld quality

With the TA33 version you only need to set the plate thickness. The machine controls the rest and can be trusted to always help the welder achieve consistent, high quality welding results. Hotter or colder welds can easily be obtained by adjusting the knob.

The TA34 version is designed to support and enhance the skills of the welder and enables excellent welding results to be achieved in a wide range of materials and thicknesses. The TA34 version comes with both adjustable slope up and slope down. It also comes with Micro Pulse functionality, making it easy to control the heat input and minimizing the heat affected zone. This is helpful especially on thin sheets and high tense steels.

The Caddy® Tig 2200i AC/DC provides true MMA capability with the same capacity and features as ESAB MMA machines of the same voltage range, including the features Hot start, arc force setting, Arc Plus II* and additionally, polarity switch.

Supporting the welder

The machine has true AC rating where the actual welding current is always equal to the set current.

The control panel is easy to overview and has a digital display for accurate welding parameter setting, high control and feedback. It is easy to understand and set, with or without gloves on. The TA34 version comes with two memories for pre-sets, enabling quick and accurate return to pre-defined settings


TA 33, TA 34


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