Si160/160PFC – Miller Brand

Light Industrial Applications *
Process pipe ,Maintenance repair ,Farm/ranch ,Dairy industry ,Food/beverage industry ,Shipboard installation
Process :- Stick (SMAW) *
Input Power :- 230 V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz *
Amperage Range:- Si 160: 15–150 A , Si 160 PFC: 4–150 A *
Rated Output:- 100 A at 100% duty cycle , 150 A at 25% duty cycle *
Max. Open-Circuit Voltage:- Si 160: 85 V , Si 160 PFC: 70 V *
Net Weight:- Si 160: 5.2 kg (11.5 lb.) , Si 160 PFC: 6.2 kg (13.7 lb.) *

حدد أحد خيارات المنتج والكمية المطلوبة ثم ضف إلى قائمة مشترياتك , سوف يتم الرد عليكم بعرض سعر فى أقرب وقت.


in the shop or at the jobsite— at less than 6.2 kg (13.7 lb.) the shoulder strap allows the end user to easily move from location to location.

Simple-to-use operator interface

Inverter-based, DC power source has a simple-to-use operator interface providing only the necessary controls in a compact machine.

Dual fan technology

An optimised power source cooling system which enables the machine to operate at a lower temperature, thus increasing its performance and life cycle.

Thermal overload protection with indicator light

helps prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.

VRD function

is a simple design that reduces the open-circuit voltage to 20 volts when the welding power source is not in use.

Best-in-class stick arc character istics

for those demanding jobs.

Preset Hot Start™

for stick arc starts automatically increases the output amperage at the start of a weld should the start require it. Prevents the electrode from sticking and creating an inclusion.





Title Si 160
Industries Interests Process pipe
Maintenance repair
Dairy industry
Food/beverage industry
Shipboard installation
Material Thickness
Weldable Metals Thin to medium material,
Input Voltage 230 V
Input Phase 1-phase
Input Hz 50/60 Hz
Amperage Range 15–150 A
Current Type
Rated Output 100 A at 100% duty cycle
150 A at 25% duty cycle
Max Open Circuit Voltage 85 V
Weld Output
Net Width 145 mm (5.75 in.)
Net Height 245 mm (9.65 in.)
Net Length 380 mm (15 in.)
Net Weight 5.2 kg (11.5 lb.)
Warranty 3 Years
Miller’s True Blue Warranty


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