The Penetrant System Hot Test Kit – MR Chemie Brand

كاشف للشروخ الخاصة بالخامات المعدنية
for temperatures between +50°C and +200°C
for Penetrant Testing according to EN ISO 3452-5:2008

حدد أحد خيارات المنتج والكمية المطلوبة ثم ضف إلى قائمة مشترياتك , سوف يتم الرد عليكم بعرض سعر فى أقرب وقت.
رمز المنتج: WY30409 التصنيف: الوسم:
General appearance and composition:
MR®-System “Hot” consists of:
  • MR® 68 H Penetrant red, system “hot” solvent removable penetrant red without AZO-dye-stuff
  • MR® 91 H Remover, system “hot” special remover for „Hot“-testing mixture of hydrocarbons with special additives
  • MR® 70 H Developer white, system “hot” special developer for „Hot“-testing hydrocarbon based carrier medium with special, modified solid components.
  • The system is suitable for work piece temperatures between +50 °C and +200°C
Relevant approvals and specifications:
  • Sample testing acc. to EN ISO 3452-2:2006 and EN ISO 3452-5:2009

Sensitivity class 2, System IIICe

Penetrant: MR® 68 H
Remover: MR® 91 H
Developer: MR® 70 H
  • Low content of halogens and sulphur according to DIN EN ISO 3452-2:2006 and ASME Code V, Section V, Article 6
  • Check work piece temperature, e.g. by using our MR® Infrared-Thermometer.
  • Remove tinder, rust and other contaminations from surface in a suitable manner.
  • Apply MR® 68 H Penetrant red to the part to be tested either by spraying or brushing.
Duration of
Penetration time: MR® 68 H = ca. 5 min
Developer time: MR® 70 H = ca. 5 min
The test equipment shall be selected by specifying a reasonable reference to the manufactures recommendations on the process parameters according to the type of application.
  • Remove excess penetrant from surface with a lint-free cloth witch is soaked in MR® 91 H Remover.
  • Spray MR® 70 H Developer white, system “hot” from a distance of approx. 20 cm on the dry surface, achieving a thin, uniform layer. Discontinuities will appear as red indications. Please note: If the developer layer is too thick tiny discontinuities will not appear through the developer.
    B100-Product-Data-Sheet حمل الكتالوج الأن 


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