Aristo® Tig 4000i DC Inverters – ESAB Brand

خصائص اللحام المتميزة – كفاءة عالية وجودة عالية اللحام.
* التواصل الفعال بين الإنسان والآلة عن طريق
* تحكم سهل الاستخدام ألواح Aristo® TA4 و Aristo® TA6.
* يتيح TA6 ذاكرة 10 معلومات لحام وإمكانية للحام بتقنية النبض ، وهي مناسبة بشكل خاص للمواد الرقيقة.
• الغاز المسبق القابل للتعديل وللتحكم لتجنب التشققات والأكسدة في النهاية
• مرشح الغبار للتعامل مع البيئات الصعبة والقذرة وتجنبها طحن الغبار والجزيئات المعدنية داخل الهيكل

حدد أحد خيارات المنتج والكمية المطلوبة ثم ضف إلى قائمة مشترياتك , سوف يتم الرد عليكم بعرض سعر فى أقرب وقت.
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Aristo® TA4 is a one knob panel for setting and adjustment of current. 3 soft buttons provides setting and adjustments of Arc force, Hot start, gas pre/post flow, Slope up/down, HF/Lift Arc and 2/4 stroke.

Aristo® TA6 is a more sophisticated panel with additional possibilities:

Choice of electrode type, gas purge, memory of 10 welding parameters and pulse TIG.

Inclusive for both panels is a digital display for A/V measurement.

Water cooling unit
Aristo® Tig 4000iw includes a water cooling unit to accept the use of a water cooled TIG torch.

Robust and Powerful
Aristo® Tig 4000i is a ideal partner when it comes to efficient production indoors or outdoors, installation on site or all type of repair & maintenance welding.

The power source is a compact and sturdy piece of equipment with a chassis made of extruded aluminium sections: Alutech. This is a robust material that withstands rough treatment.

The power source is based on inverter IGBT technology that provides reliable equipment with outstanding welding characteristics.

The communications and control CAN-bus system means less cables, which in turn increases operational reliability.

MMA Applications
Aristo® Tig 4000i can weld most metals to alloyed and non alloyed steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Electrodes up to 6 mm and Gouging electrodes up to 8 mm.

The fundamental part is the 400 A power module. The link between man and machine is the communicator. You can choose between 2 control panels (MMC) depending upon your requirements and demands. Both of them are clear, easy to understand and to operate.

Voltage 400 V 3, 50/60 Hz
Welding Output 400 A / 26 V @ 35 % Duty Cycle
320 A / 23 V @ 60 % Duty Cycle
250 A / 20 V @ 100 % Duty Cycle
650 A / 44 V @ 60 % Duty Cycle
500 A / 39 V @ 100 % Duty Cycle
Current Range 4-400 A
Open Circuit Voltage 78-90 V
<35 V
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.9
Efficiency at Maximum Current 86 %
Protection Class IP23
Gas pre flow 0 – 5 sec
Gas post flow 0 – 200 sec
Energy Save Mode 60 W
MCableX 4×4

Aristo® Tig 4000i
Mains supply, V/Hz                                        3×400/50-60
Fuse, slow, A                                                   25
Mains cable, Ø mm2                                      4×4
Max output at 35% duty cycle, A                 400/26 V
Max output at 60% duty cycle, A                 320/23 V
Max output at 100% duty cycle, A                250/20 V
Slope up, s                                                      0-5
Slope down, s                                                 0-10
Gas pre-flow, s                                               0-5
Gas post-flow, s                                             0-200
Open circuit voltage (VRD off/on), V           58/<35
Setting range, A                                              4-400
Weight, kg                                                        61.5


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