“Cygnus 1 Ex Advanced Intrinsically Safe “UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Designed for taking reliable thickness measurements in Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres and boasting advanced data logging and manual measurement mode. The Cygnus 1 Ex features a large colour LCD display and 3 measuring modes for through-coat measurements and various materials – including heavily corroded metals.

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The Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a rugged, handheld, intrinsically safe instrument designed for taking reliable thickness measurements in Zone 0 Explosive Atmospheres – making it ideal for use in fuel depots, road and vessel tankers, mines, chemical plants, oil and gas, refineries, pipelines, hazardous storage tanks and other hazardous environments.

Key Features:

  • Certified Intrinsically Safe to ATEX, IECEx, UKEX for Zone 0
  • Continuous measurement on hot assets in-service, using the NEW Cygnus High Temperature Ex Probe
  • Intrinsic Safety protection – No need for hot work permits
  • 3 measuring modes for levels of corrosion, various materials and through-coat measurements
  • Deep Coat function ignores thick coatings
  • Manual Measurement Mode allows gates and gain to be configured to suit your application
  • Live A-Scans aid visual measurement verification
  • Live B-scans give a quick, cross-sectional representation
  • 4 function keys for easy controls and dynamic views
  • User Access feature protects records with correct user access levels
  • Measurement setup can be saved and restored for a quick start
  • Measurement Freeze function and Ref/Min/Max thickness limits
  • A solid-state electronic instrument with a rugged IP67 rated enclosure
  • Bluetooth connection for transferring data to CygLink
  • Available as SC, TC, PLUS and PRO variants with options of upgradeable features (download the Cygnus 1 Ex Variants Comparison Guide).
    Cygnus 1 Ex BrochureCygnus 1 Ex Variants Comparison GuideCygnus High Temperature Ex Probe Brochure

    Cygnus Surface Gauge Family Brochure


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